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NAME:Eco-friendly Water Based Paint - Latop


Brand Name
Shelf Life
3 Years
Place of Origin
Guangdong, China

Main Features

  • Low odor and eco-friendly
  • Water soluble
  • Fast drying in 20 minutes
  • Anti-rust, acid-proof, corrosion resistant, and solvent resistant.

General Introduction 

Formulated with ultra-low odor resins, this Latop Water Based Paint is environmental-friendly, containing no chromium, lead, mercury or any other heavy metal. And it will not have any affection on the original materials of the painted items. It has the properties of anti-rust, acid-proof, moisture-proof, corrosion resistant, and solvent resistant.


Using the highest quality pigments, the non-toxic spray paint can be widely used for both outdoor protection and interior decoration. It is a durable long-lasting formula ideal for painting on almost all surfaces like metal, rubber, car, furniture, ceramics, leather, glass, etc.

This Latop water based spray paint is excellent for its adhesion capability. You can refer to here for the test video.

Many colors and caps available! Welcome to inquire!

Product Photo

Physical Properties

Glossiness:  ≥87 %

Hardness: HB

Fineness: ≤ 10um

Adhesion: 100%

Drying Time: surface drying time - 20 minutes

 actual drying time - 15 hour

Boiling Point (Deg C) : 70~100initial

Specific Gravity (H2O=1) : 0.8

Vapor Pressure: Lighter than air

More Using Guide

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