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NAME:Paint Remover | Paint Stripper

I. Specification

 II. Main Feature

1. Super paint remover spray that can be suitable for removing oil based paints, such as self-drying alkyd paint, nitric paint, and acrylic paint. 

2. This paint remover can be thickeners, additives and used for high paint removing. 

General Introduction

The most innovative peel away aerosol type paint remover is consist of varieties of organic solvents, thickeners and additives, having the advantages of simply operating, high paint removing efficiency and no corrosive to metals. It’s suitable for removing oil based paints, such as self-drying alkyd paint, nitric paint, acrylic paint and a few epoxy and cold curing bi-component paints. So it’s broadly applicable of auto cars, motorcycles, machinery, apparatus, instruments and so on.

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Spray onto object surface to be removed paint, in 3 minutes old paints will be intenerated, blistered, brittle and separate from bottom, you only need to blow with air or flush with water to achieve ideal effect.



1. This item may corrode some plastic and organic glass; Test in an inconspicuous area prior to first use to avoid adverse reaction.

2. Keep the can straight while spraying and the angle is not less than 45 degrees from the horizon.

3. In case of eyes contact, please wash your eyes with water and get medical care.

4. Keep it out of reach of children.

5. This product is inflammable. Please store it in cool place which the temperature is between 0-40°C and keep it away from fire and heat sources. It is prohibited to expose in sunshine or burning.

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