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NAME:Starch Spray | Ironing Starch

I. Specification 



Capacity (ml)


Item No.


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II. Main Features

1. Ideal for heavyweight fabrics

2. Grease resistance, eliminates stains on fabric

3. Well-trusted ironing aid provides a long-lasting, professional finish to your clothing

General Introduction

Starch spray is ideal for heavyweight fabrics. It contains a silicone ironing aid that makes the iron glide easier and provides a long-lasting, professional finish to your clothing with well-trusted ironing aid. Spray evenly on clothing immediately before ironing to produce crisp, sharp creases. 

The ironing starch spray has a unique power which gives you a perfect result when used on lightweight fabrics like cotton and wool. For all washable fabrics, don’t use on garments labeled dry clean only. Set iron on recommended fabric setting. It is your best choice to make the clothing look fresh and fabulous.

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ironing starch



1. Shake well before and during use;

2. Hold can 6-10 inches from fabric & spray at 45°angle.

3. Do not spray upside down and lose gas pressure

4. Allow enough time for spray to penetrate fabric before ironing.

5. Spray fabric with an even sweeping back and forth motion.

6. Repeat spray for additional crispness.

7. Do not over soak by over starching.

8. Spray and iron large garments a portion at a time. 

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