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NAME:Scratch Wax |Car Scratch Repair

I. Specifications



Capacity (ml)


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II. Main Features

  • Removes fine scratches, chips and scrapes in paint finishes.
  • Enhances paint color and gloss
  • Will not scratch the paint surface
  • Convenient to use, long protection, not damages to car paint

  • Prevent the car paint from being black, white or fading effectively

General Introduction

This scratch removal wax is designed to remove fine scratches, swirls, and oxidation safely and effectively on cars of any colors. The abrasives diminish and your paint surface is polished to reveal brilliant colors and clarity. It has two types: Super Duty and Micro-finishing. This wax can make the reflection more clear, show a more lasting turtle classic luster. Repair the car paint fine scratches and oxidation, reproduce the natural color of car paint.

Function: polishing, waterproof, anti-ultraviolet, scratch repair, oxidation resistance, protect car paint, dust-proof anti acid rain. Rapidly repair the small scratches of the car paint. Give you a charming car! It can deal with small scratches, blot and oxidation effectively. Super soft polishing agent, won’t damage the car paint, suitable for all kinds of car paint, give you feeling of new car. The mini style is very convenient to carry.

Product Photo

car scratch repairscratch remover for carsscratch removalsprayless scratch repair


After using this scratch wax: 

1. Small scratch will be removed after polishing.

2. Blot, gum, acid rain, bird droppings and other troubles, just use it to wipe.

3. Super penetration ability, soften the blot, wipe it gently, without hurting car paint.

4. Suitable for all kinds of car paint surface waxing, polishing and protection.

5. Convenient to use, long time protection.

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