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NAME:LD-80 Penetrant Lubricant - Get Rid of Inconvenience Caused by Rust

I. Specifications



Capacity (ml)


Item No.

L3312 /L1108

Can Size (mm)


Content net weight (g)



II. Main Features

1.Stops Squeaks 

2.Protects Metal 

3.Starts Wet Motors 

4.Loosens Rusted Parts
5.Frees Sticky Mechanisms      

General Introduction

LD-80 Penetrant Lubricant can be widely used in places where inconvenience may be caused by rust including automobiles, ships, households, factories and electric rooms. It can infiltrate and slacken the rust of these areas in a short time. The grease lubricant & anti-rust spray can wipe out the noise caused by rubbing between spare parts or movable fittings. It can clean, lubricate and protect all kinds of machines, remove humidity and prevent rusting.

When compared with other brands, Latop LD-80 penetrant lubricant contains less petrol. That’s to say, our products smell better and lubricant ingredients are much more than others’. 


Product Photo 

A. 450ml L1108

B. 100ml L3321

More Details


Put extension tube on the nozzle and spray it on the object, keep it soaked for several minutes for the best results.

Using Effects Show

                            Before                                                                                                                         After


1. Please don’t spray this product on the object contacted directly with food.

2.When spraying, the can must be kept upwards and vertical, and the angle between it and the level should be not less than 45 degrees. 

3. If this product is splashed into eyes, wash them immediately with clean water, and then seek medical advice.

4.If swallow it by mistake, immediately induce vomit and see the doctor.

5.Keep it out of reach of children.

6.This product is inflammable. It must be stored below 40 degrees centigrade far away from heat and flame. it’s forbidden to store it in the hot sun or break or burn the package can.

7. The net weigh and gross weigh will be changed with time. It’s normal for the product like aerosol. Wastage rate is not more than 2%/year.

Please feel free to contact us for any problem! 

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