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NAME:Orange Car Polish & Wax / Car Shampoo


General Introduction

This orange car polish & wax can be your best choice for car shampoo. It can form hard coated wax layer on the coating so as to reliably protect the car surface. With biodegradable ingredients and gentle & dense foam, it is an ideal environmental product to powerfully remove dirt from your car easily. The protective polish can also help improve the colour, resist abrasion and anti-oxidation.  

Product Photo

More Details 

How to Use

Step 1: Wash your car with clean water firstly. Pour 30ml of Latop car shampoo in the barrel with 3L of water. Mix it until you see rich foam. 

Step 2: Wipe with washing mitt or cleaning sponge dipped in Latop car shampoo.

Step 3: Clean with water and then wipe up. 

Function Show 

                       Before                                                               After

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