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NAME:Air Conditioner Cleaner - Toxic-free Anti-bacteria Air Conditioner Cleaning

I. Specifications

Brand YAC
Capacity 300ml
Item No. L1136

II. Main Features

1. Toxic free anti-bacteria agent,natural extract and fragrant ingredients

2. Non-flammable,non-corrosive and non-toxic

3. Environmentally protective formula and natural material

4. Simple used to clean and remove dirt

5. Harmless to human body, eliminate bacteria and odor effectively and quickly

General Introduction

The air conditioner cleaning spray applies advanced technology, the combination of CIBA HP100 toxic free anti-bacteria agent. It adopts an environmentally protective formula and natural material. The product can be applied for the auto air conditioner without removing it. The product is harmless to human body, and it could eliminate bacteria and odor effectively and quickly.

Formulated with special natural extract, deodorant and fragrant ingredients, the air conditioner cleaner can clean and deodorize the internal parts of air conditioner and easily and provides inflow of fresh air. It is non-flammable, non-corrosive and non-toxic. Instantly acts to eliminate dirt, pollen, mould, bacteria, odor with fragrant scent. It has disinfectant properties. It kills fungi and bacteria, thus preventing the risk of allergies and other respiratory diseases. It will form a bactericide film on the air conditioner evaporator and airways. 

The powerful foam could soak into the interior of the air conditioner; meanwhile, it could kill the bacteria, remove the odor and prevent the bacteria from growing for a long time. it has pleasant sunflower fragrance. The product is possessed of the ability to recover the refrigeration and heating performance for the air conditioner, saving power and extending the duration for your air conditioner. 


Product Photo

New Design

How to Use

How Dirty Your Air Conditioner Can be

Usage Show 

Before Usage                                                      After Usage 


1.Check on the place where the auto air conditioner inlet is, if needed, open hood, turn on engine and open windows;
2.Turn off AC switch and AUTOMATIC switch; turn on EXTERNAL REFLUX mode; turn AIR FLOW VOLUME to MAXIMUM;
3.Put the extension tube onto the nozzle tightly. Make sure no gas leaking out from connecting parts while pressing the nozzle;
4.Try to find out in air conditioner inlet which part the suction flue is the biggest (you may try by hand or waste news papers, its in different place depending on auto models). A. in the driver’s seat side, shake can well and put the extension tube into inlet hole deeply towards the copilot seat; B. in the copilot’s seat side, shake can well and put the extension tube into inlet hole shallowly. No matter A or B, always put the extension tube from the part where the suction flue is the biggest.
5.Press down the nozzle, twist to the right till you cannot twist further, foam will come out itself. Before taking out the extension tube, twist the nozzle back to the left to original place.
6.After filling enough cleaner liquid (need about 2 minutes), keep the fan working for 10-15 minutes, turn off AIR FLOW switch, shut down auto engine. Waste liquid comes out from outlet after about 10 minutes.  


1.Please don’t spray this product on the object contacted directly with food.
2.Keep the can straight while spraying and the angle is not less than 45 degrees from the horizon.
3.In case there is a filter in the auto air conditioner inlet, take the filter out first; to clean up air conditioner internal system, cleaner liquid must be filled into the inlet.
4.Prepare one towel in the copilot’s seat side, if cleaner liquid leaks out into the car, wipe dry with towel. 
5.In case of eyes contact, please wash your eyes with water and get medical care.
6.If swallow it by mistake, immediately induce vomit and see the doctor.
7.Keep it out of reach of children.
8.This product is inflammable. Please store it in cool place below 45℃ and keep it away from fire and heat sources. It is prohibited to expose in sunshine or burning the can.
9.The net weigh and gross weigh will be changed with time. it’s normal for the product like aerosol. Wastage rate is not more than 2%/year. 


If necessary, make a big hole in the used can to eliminate the rest paint in it .

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