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NAME:Custom Air Fresheners -- 300ml Water-based Air Freshener

I. Specifications



Capacity (ml)


Item No.


Can Size (mm)


Content net weight (g)


II. Main Features

● Intensive and long lasting fragrances

● Special formula to refresh home and office
● Spray cap

General Introduction

This 300ml water-based air freshener can be your best choice to refresh your home, office or any other indoor places. There are 6 variants available, which includes strawberry, apple, jasmine, lavender, and ocean. This product is rich in flower and fruit essence. It can quickly remove the bad smells and supply you long lasting fragrances.


The Custom Air Freshener is suitable for families, offices, toilets, bathrooms, hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues and other places. It is can be your best car freshener and your nice choice to be used at home, in office or any other indoor places.

Product Photo

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