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NAME:Upholstery & Fabric Cleaner

I. Specification 



Capacity (ml)


Item No.


Can Size (mm)


Content net weight (g)


II. Main Features

● Deep penetrating foams, fast acting and safe to use

● Leave long-lasting pleasant fragrance after use
● Contains no strong or harmful solvents and does no harm to surface

General Introduction

LATOP Upholstery and Fabric Cleaner is formulated to clean using deep penetrating foams that clean all velour and cloth upholstery, interior trim and floor mats. Upholstery and Fabric Cleaner is suitable to use on carpets in natural and synthetic fibers. 

Upholstery cleaning & fabric cleaner spray contains no strong or harmful solvents and will not break down or damage fibers. The formula is fast acting and safe to use and contains a pleasant citrus fragrance to remove unpleasant odors. It can bring you a completely new surface and it is your best choice. 

Product Photo

upholstery cleaner, fabric cleaner

upholstery cleaning 


1.  Shake can well before use.  Spray it evenly about 15cm far away from the cleaned object. After 20–30 seconds, wipe it with soft and clean cloth.

2.  If there is heavy dirt, wipe it with a soft brush or wet cloth.


1.  Please don’t spray this product on the object contacted directly with food.

2.  You must assure the can is straight while spraying and the angle is not less than 45 degrees from the horizon.

3.  In case of eyes contact, please wash your eyes with water and get medical care.

4.  If swallow it by mistake, immediately induce vomit and see the doctor.

5.  Keep it out of reach of children.

6.  This product is inflammable. Please store it in cool place which the temperature is between 0-40℃ and keep it away from fire and heat sources. It is prohibited to expose in sunshine or burning.

7.  The net weigh and gross weigh will be changed with time. it’s normal for the product like aerosol. Wastage rate is not more than 2%/year. 

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